[plt-scheme] Matthias

From: Matthew Jadud (mcj4 at kent.ac.uk)
Date: Mon Jan 22 04:05:24 EST 2007

Anton van Straaten wrote:

 > As spiritual leader of PLT, should we not also add "Reverend" in there
 > somewhere?
 > My sincerest congratulations to the Reverend Fellow Matthias.
 > Anton

You lost the "Dr" with the addition of "Reverend;" I feel like the "Dr" 
adds the possibility that he might be qualified to deliver babies, or 
re-attach limbs. And I suppose "Sir" won't be forthcoming until Matthias 
brings Scheme to the masses in England. Perhaps if PLT Scheme were to, 
say, sponsor Man United? The PLT logo would look very flashy continuing 
up and down the football pitch.

It certainly does put a twist on the most intimidating day of the year, 
I'll know that it is an ACM Fellow who is correcting my syntax. How many 
people can say that? (Well, in this case, everyone who uses DrScheme, 
but that would be a digression from a digression...)

Many congrats,

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