[plt-scheme] Re: Request for comments on possible planet functions

From: Corey Sweeney (corey.sweeney at gmail.com)
Date: Fri Jan 19 11:40:20 EST 2007

Interesting point.  I think if this function is grouped with other matrix
operations, "cartesian-porduct" is the ideal name like you say.  If it's
grouped with "make-permutations", then "make-combinations" would follow.
Perhaps I will export it under both names.  Thanks for the comment


On 1/18/07, Eric Hanchrow <offby1 at blarg.net> wrote:
> I think a more informative name than "make-combinations" would be
> "cartesian-product".
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((lambda (y) (y y)) (lambda (y) (y y)))
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