[plt-scheme] Dr Scheme variable at startup problem

From: Jay Kint (lists at hobbit-hole.org)
Date: Tue Jan 16 11:05:12 EST 2007

I'm trying to add feature expressions to DrScheme for my own use.  So
far, I have the reader macros working, but I can't seem to get the
variable *features* to be visible at start up.

What I did to get the reader macros working was to enable the loading
of MrEd's init file when loading DrScheme.  In mredrc.ss file I also define
*features* at a top level (not inside a module or unit or anything
else) doing a simple

(define *features* '(plt scheme))

But when I run DrScheme, and it gets to its initial prompt, typing
*features* says "reference to undefined identifier: *features*"  If I
put a (display *features*) in mredrc.ss right after defining it, I see
a "Standard Output" window display the features with the appropriate
value.  Somehow between then and the initial prompt, it's losing this
binding or switching namespaces or something that I haven't been able
to track down by going through the DrScheme collection.  Any help
would be appreciated.

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