[plt-scheme] loading zo files

From: jos koot (jos.koot at telefonica.net)
Date: Tue Jan 9 07:00:03 EST 2007

It seems to me that procedure load now handles zo files differently from earlier versions. See example below. Is this intentional? If I am not mistaken, the example used to work properly before.
Greetings, Jos Koot

DrScheme, version 369.3-svn7jan2007, language mzscheme, no debugging.

(require (lib "compile.ss"))
(current-directory "c:/scheme/load-example")
(define scm-name "example.scm")
(define zo-name "compiled/example.zo")
(if (file-exists? scm-name) (delete-file scm-name))
(with-output-to-file scm-name (lambda () (write '(lambda (x) x))))
(compile-file scm-name)
(define a (load zo-name))
a ; --> #~369.3c?" ?? ; expected #<procedure>
(a 1) ; --> error procedure application: expected procedure, given: #~369.3c?"  ??; arguments were: 1; expected 1

Replacing the line (define a (load zo-name)) by  (define a (load/use-compiled scm-name)) produces the same results. 
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