[plt-scheme] Re: 359.3 -   in documentation

From: Eli Barzilay (eli at barzilay.org)
Date: Mon Jan 8 13:38:05 EST 2007

On Jan  8, Kyle Smith wrote:
> I was looking at the section on pre-release-binaries, which admonishes 
> you to follow the directions under  your particular platform after  you 
> download.  Under Windows binaries (i386-win32) for  
> plt-i386-win32-full.tgz (28M) it advises:
>     An archive of the fully-built tree
> (without the "src" tree, but with all .zo files and full documentation; 
> the only thing needed to use this is to run "install.bat" in the plt 
> directory to recreate the launchers)

That second part shouldn't be there.  I missed it when the
installation became unnecessary -- removed now (for the next build).

> I know this is off topic from the svn question, but as a quick fix
> for my documentation problem for 369.3 I was looking at this as an
> option.  So I downloaded the file plt-i386-win32-full.tgz.  The
> problem is that niether it nor my current installation of PLT has an
> install.bat file in the plt directory.  So I don't know how to go
> about creating the launchers.

They should be part of the .tgz.  But -- these tgzs are exactly what
you get from the installers.  They just contain the pre-packaged
material, before it is filtered and turned into installers.
Specifically, it's built by the same nightly build process.

> I even tried refreshing my documentation, but I get the same
> documentation loaded with   entities throughout.

The documentation files are not the problem.  Just run the recent
installer and it should be fine.

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