[plt-scheme] Re: 359.3 -   in documentation

From: Kyle Smith (airfoil at bellsouth.net)
Date: Mon Jan 8 11:20:46 EST 2007

Matthew Flatt wrote:
> It was a MzScheme bug that is now fixed in SVN. So, this problem will
> be fixed in the next nightly build.
> If you build your own binaries, you may need to use `setup-plt -c' and
> then `setup-plt' to reset the .zo files, since the bug causes a .zo
> file to be built incorrectly.
> Matthew
Hi Mathew,

I'm in the habit of getting DrScheme as an installer from the following URI:


I'd like to start using svn, which I have listed as bing from http://subversion.tigris.org/ in my cygwin installation, so that I can keep an up-to-date source version on my XP machine, and build my installation from source.  The benefit being that I wouldn't have to wait for the installers to be created when a bug is fixed.

However, this would be my first time using svn.  Do the good folks at PLT have a white paper on how to get a client svn setup for use with the PLT repsoistory and stay current automatically?  I'd appreciate anything you might have on this topic.

Also, my C compiler is in MS Visual Studio 2005.  Is this an acceptable development platform, or do I need to download that free express version I keep hearing about.  I also have gcc in the cygwin distribution, but I understand that if I compile under cygwin, my installlation of DrScheme would be labeled as operating under *nix, and I assume that would mean I would have to run DrScheme in X-Windows, or not at all.  I'm just not clear on that part.



Kyle Smith
airfoil at bellsouth dot net

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