[plt-scheme] Test Cases not working

From: Robby Findler (robby.findler at gmail.com)
Date: Wed Jan 3 22:35:50 EST 2007

The test case boxes are no longer going to be supported for the next
release, so I've gone ahead and removed them from SVN.


Anyone who wants to can bring them back as a PLaneT tool (esp. if they
are interested in maintaining them ...)


On 1/2/07, Jaime Vargas <jev at mac.com> wrote:
> When using test case boxes I am getting the following error:
> "#%top-interaction: not at top level". For both *Beginning Student* and
> *Pretty Big* languages.   I am using DrScheme3m version 369.2-svn27dec2006.
> Is this a bug? Or do I need to do some compilation or preferences magic?
> Thanks,
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> Jaime E. Vargas
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