[plt-scheme] Re: drag and drop in X

From: Johan Holmquist (holmisen at gmail.com)
Date: Mon Nov 27 12:27:49 EST 2006

> MrEd in SVN now includes XDND support. I'm not certain that it's right
> for all contexts, so let me know whether it works for you.

Well, some progress it is for sure. The mouse pointer changes to
reflect whether the widget accepts drop-files or not. But "on-drop" is
never called when the mouse button is released.

I inserted a little printf in wxxt/src/Windows/Window.cc right after the line:
   data = wxTheClipboard->GetClipboardData( ... )
(I think it's about lineno 1470 +-5)
Now, data is always null when I try to drag and drop a file into my
little scheme program.

I have tested drag-and-drop from Konqueror which to my knowledge
should be XDND compliant. (I also tried dragging an image from Firefox
with the same null data result.)


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