[plt-scheme] FrTime as a library

From: Dave Gurnell (d.j.gurnell at gmail.com)
Date: Tue Nov 28 09:28:56 EST 2006

Dear PLTers,

I've been playing with Flapjax and I'm quite taken with the  
"unobtrusive Javascript with Flapjax library" mode it offers. While  
this is a little more verbose than the "templated Flapjax" mode, I  
like it because (a) it allows various bits of conventional Javascript  
in addition to pure FRP, and (b) it doesn't auto-lift things (I like  
to be able to control that process myself).

Back to Scheme...

I was wondering if there is an equivalent mode for FrTime? For  
example, I'd like to be able to do something like this:

     (module test mzscheme

        (lib "frtime-as-a-library.ss" "frtime")
        (lib "cut.ss" "srfi" "26"))

       (provide get-days)

       (define days
         (map-e (lambda (s)
                  (/ s (* 24 60 60)))

       (define (get-days)
         (value-now days))


I guess this might possible by requiring a few files like "frp- 
core.ss" from the FrTime collection. However, I'm not sure which ones  
I need and which I don't.

Many thanks,

-- Dave

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