[plt-scheme] Building PLT 359.200 with Visual C++ 2005 Express

From: a_fasano at hotmail.com (a_fasano at hotmail.com)
Date: Wed Nov 22 17:52:21 EST 2006

In a previous post Eli Barzilay wrote:


> To build on Windows, you should be using the src/worksp stuff, which has

its own version of mzconfig.h.


This is also stated in PLT 359.200 documentation. 

The src/worksp/readme reads:


This directory contains 

- solution files and project files for building MzScheme and MrEd

- mzconfig.h which is a manual version of information that is gathered
automatically when using the "configure" script.



But there is no mzconfig.h in this dir (at least in windows



I could only find a mzconfig.h.in file in src/mzscheme. 

Renaming it as 'mzconfig.h' and adding its path to the VC project include

lets me compile, but I still get:


Creating library ..\..\..\lib\msvc\libmzschxxxxxxx.lib and object 

 .\..\..\lib\msvc\libmzschxxxxxxx.exp network.obj : error LNK2019:

 unresolved external symbol _hstrerror referenced in function 




Thanks for your kind help.





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