[plt-scheme] Request for small API change in web-server request structure

From: Matt Jadud (mcj4 at kent.ac.uk)
Date: Sat Nov 11 06:37:30 EST 2006

For the record, that ugly kludge is Matt's. Noel doesn't do things like 
that; he's a respectable Scheme programmer. ;)

I noted the '+' -> ' ' problem recently as well. It's not so pleasant.

There's more on this thread, so perhaps I should have read that first...


Danny Yoo wrote:

> ;; Within xmlrpc's server-core.ss
>   (define (extract-xmlrpc-bindings request)
>     (let ([raw-bindings (request-bindings/raw request)])
>       ;; This string-append is because the bindings come in
>       ;; mangled for XML-RPC content; it seems like the webserver
>       ;; tears it up in a syntactically bogus location (w.r.t. the
>       ;; structure of the XML document.)
>       (apply string-append
>              (map (lambda (b)
>                     (format "~a~a"
>                             (binding-id b)
>                             (binding:form-value b)))
>                   raw-bindings))))

> Would this be acceptable?  If so, then Noel can get rid of that ugly 

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