[plt-scheme] Structure and Interp of Mechanics

From: Will Farr (farr at mit.edu)
Date: Thu Mar 23 09:51:14 EST 2006


MIT Scheme is not available for OS X, though I hear a port is in progress.

As far as I know, porting scmutils to PLT is not in the works. 
However, if you're serious about it, you might want to get in touch
with Sussman and Wisdom: in the past I've talked with Gerry about
porting it to PLT Scheme, and he seemed reasonably enthusiastic for
other people to take up that cause.  The tricky bit seems to be
properly hooking into (apply ...) to support their (very old---written
pre CLOS, even) custom object and generic-function system.  However,
Gerry was confident that someone who knew PLT scheme and the apply
hooks could port it pretty quickly using his inside knowledge.  I
don't think I'm that someone, but maybe you could do it....


On 3/23/06, Paul C. Fisher <pfisher at mobeard.org> wrote:
> In delving into a) is MIT/Scheme available for OS X?; or b) can the
> scmutils required to really make use of the SICM text be made to work
> under PLT?; I stumbled across a reference that Matthew Flatt tried this
> several years ago and gave up (which pretty much assures my personal
> chances for success are an imaginary number). Has anyone ever succeeded
> getting scmutils to run within PLT? (I suspect I know the answer ... but I
> figured I'd take my optimism out for a walk around the block)
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