[plt-scheme] Raw HTML in web server output

From: Dave Gurnell (d.j.gurnell at gmail.com)
Date: Tue Mar 21 10:04:17 EST 2006

Dear Schemers,

I'm trying to write a simple (!!) CMS-style page editor using web- 
server. I have a web form containing a textarea into which the user  
types some HTML. I want to take said HTML, store it in a database,  
and then write it out as part of a web page later on.

I am using the htmlprag package for the convenience of its (write- 
shtml-as-html ...) procedure. I originally thought said procedure  
might allow me to output raw, unadulterated HTML as a string. This is  
not the case, however.

I suppose I *could* use htmlprag to parse the user's input into  
XSHTML before it is stored in the database. However, I don't like the  
idea of a user typing something in, saving their page, and then  
coming back to edit it again and finding it changed because htmlprag  
has "corrected" mistakes in the structure. I would prefer the user to  
make mistakes and leave them in the page.

Does anyone have any suggestions or recommendations?

Many thanks,

-- Dave

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