[plt-scheme] mysterx issue

From: efsorcer at hol.gr (efsorcer at hol.gr)
Date: Thu Mar 16 03:25:05 EST 2006

I tried mysterx in drscheme / mzscheme 
and i get crash with exception error.

the case is when using the 
(make-object mx-broser% ..... )

it is strange cause even the provided mxdemo.ss crashes too

i am using v.301 on w2000 / XP.
(all required dlls are properly installed/reged.)

The COM facilities work ok , but 
they haven't yet implemented the 
->com-enumerate case of a property.

I have seen in theese archives a solution
which says to rename com-get-property to com-get-property-chain
and it seems to work ok after that.
What i don't understand tho is why this isnt implemented
in mysterx YET ?.. as this solution was posted in v 103.

So far i find Scheme very nice language and i like it.
i tend to use it for building various utils e.t.c.

for example i have started to make a COM Browser case
which will reveal all methods and attributes 
and maybe in final will generate something in scheme
for easier use of the com obj.
ther is something similar in Pythonwin.

if someone is interested in something like this let me know.

P.S. just started with scheme so i have to dig in alot of things
till i can do more pro work. also i am willing to help in what ever way 
with the further developement of PLT-Scheme.
(i am working in an Insurance co. in Athens , and i am a programmer working

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