[plt-scheme] drscheme in Xorg-7.0?

From: Joris Vandermeersch (jovdmeer at vub.ac.be)
Date: Thu Mar 9 13:09:31 EST 2006

I've been working with drscheme for a few months now, as it's used at my
university in the Computer Science course (that's at the VUB in Belgium).

Now about a week ago, I installed the modular Xorg-7.0 on my Linux system
(that's Gentoo Linux) and now drscheme won't start anymore. It gives the
loading screen/splashscreen, and when it's fully loaded it just quits. If
ran from terminal it gives a segmentation fault. All of my other programs
work fine, without any problem (I'm thinking Gimp, Firefox, Xterm itself,
MPlayer, etc...) so I'm fairly sure it's got something to do with drscheme
itself, failing to work with Xorg-7.0.

I searched the internet for solutions but I've found not a single site
mentioning my problem or anything related, and so I turn to you. I hope
I've got the right mail-adress, if not, please reply with the correct

If you could help me in any way to get drscheme running (as I've got some
projects for school - not really urgent but I still should get working on
them) I'd be really grateful. Downgrading to Xorg-6.8 is not an option,
and I'd rather like to see such things fixed instead of worked-around

- Joris

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