[plt-scheme] isolating memory leaks

From: Noel Welsh (noelwelsh at yahoo.com)
Date: Fri Mar 10 11:39:35 EST 2006

Hasn't this post already been answered?  To recap, use the
3m version of MzScheme, and inspect the memory stats.  See
the archives for more.  I doubt your problems are caused by
circular references, as GC is not fooled by that.


--- H David Goering <hdg at cox.net> wrote:

> My program seems to be creating circular structures, but
> I can't find 
> an an effective way in MzScheme to isolate the problem. 
> I've tried 
> bracketing code with
> (begin (collect-garbage) (current-memory-use)), but
> garbage collector 
> doesn't seem to pick up everything on every pass, so
> repeated tests 
> don't return consistent numbers.
> is there any way to force the garbage collector to be
> maximally strict?
> Can anyone suggest any other tools or techniques that I
> might try?
> Thanks,
> David Goering
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