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From: Williams, M. Douglas (M.DOUGLAS.WILLIAMS at saic.com)
Date: Thu Mar 9 09:47:26 EST 2006

I little progress here on some of this and a step backwards.


1.  I found Matthew Flatt's makehdindex.ss and gettitle.ss and got them to
work.  The only problem was the need to flatten the <div> structure (before
flattening the <p> structure, but similar code), which was apparently added
to tex2page since the makehdindex.ss code was written.  So, it works and
generates an hdindex file for me.  Unfortunately, the references were wrong.
Upon further examination, it turns out that the makehdindex code was working
fine.  It was the index that tex2page constructs that was (and is) wrong.


I haven't done a thorough look into the problem, but the index generated by
tex2page for my document has the correct entries, but the links are wrong.
I'm not sure if it's something I have done wrong (either in my document
structure or in installing tex2page) or if it's a bug.  I suspect the former
since I checked indices of other documents in the help desk generated with
tex2page and they're fine.  Has anyone else had a similar problem?


2. I finally just installed VMware and am running Ubuntu to get the tools
under Windows on my laptop (thanks Matt Judad for pointing out VMware
Player).  With the new VMware Player and Ubuntu virtual machine - both are
free downloads from VMware - I have the tools on my laptop.


3.  Advice is still welcome.





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I am reformatting the science collection documentation to fit into the Help
Desk documentation scheme and have a few questions.


1. Are there any tools to help automate the development of the keywords and
hdindex files?  For example, the document has an index and it would be nice
to have that information used to generate the hdindex file.


2. I finally gave up getting a working PLT Scheme, TeX, tex2page, gs,
netpbm, ... combination working on my Windows box.  On my Linux box I had a
working combination up and running in (literally) a few minutes.  Does
anyone have the magic combination to getting it to work on Windows?  [My
laptop is Windows only and I like working on such things when I travel.
Dual boot isn't an option because of a corporate, Windows-only hard disk
encryption system.]


3. Are there any remaining 'gotchas' I just haven't gotten to yet?  Or, any
lessons learned that will help make the documentation work seamlessly with
the help desk and generally be better for the end user?


Thanks in advance,



M. Douglas Williams, Ph.D.

Sr. Scientist

Science Applications International Corporation


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