[plt-scheme] isolating memory leaks

From: Chongkai Zhu (u0476504 at utah.edu)
Date: Thu Mar 9 09:21:34 EST 2006


MzScheme3m is an experimental version of MzScheme that uses more precise memory-management techniques. For long-running applications, especially, MzScheme3m can provide superior memory performance. See the compilation information in the MzScheme source distribution for more details. Or downloading PLT Scheme Full Repository from http://pre.plt-scheme.org/installers/ , which contains the complete PLT tree from Subversion.

Chongkai Zhu  

======= At 2006-03-09, 01:13:03 H David Goering wrote: =======

>My program seems to be creating circular structures, but I can't find 
>an an effective way in MzScheme to isolate the problem.  I've tried 
>bracketing code with
>(begin (collect-garbage) (current-memory-use)), but garbage collector 
>doesn't seem to pick up everything on every pass, so repeated tests 
>don't return consistent numbers.
>is there any way to force the garbage collector to be maximally strict?
>Can anyone suggest any other tools or techniques that I might try?
>David Goering
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