[plt-scheme] can't configure since new libtool (1.3 -> 1.5)

From: Matthew Flatt (mflatt at cs.utah.edu)
Date: Tue Mar 7 10:13:45 EST 2006

I'm puzzled, because the uses of libtool in plt/src are supposed to be

There are two uses (and two copies) of libtool in plt/src: one for
--enable-shared in general, and one for libffi. If I'm reading
correctly, the one for --enable-shared worked fine, and the one for
libffi failed.

Eric's log doesn't show me one detail that I'm interested in, which is
the command line generated by line 4154 of
plt/src/foreign/gcc/libffi/configure. Is it really running the ltconfig
in plt/src/foreign/gcc? If so, why is it affected by another libtool
installation? Or am I looking in the wrong place?


At Tue, 7 Mar 2006 09:06:36 -0500, dw wrote:
> Hello,
> I install plt-scheme on FreeBSD 5.4, and have never had a problem until now. A 
> couple of weeks ago, the FreeBSD ports upgraded libtool, and it is now 
> libtool version 1.5, up from 1.3.
> When I run:
> # ./configure --prefix=/usr/local/plt --enable-shared --enable-cairo=false     
> I get the following error:
> checking for strip... strip
> ltconfig: you must specify a LTMAIN file
> Try `ltconfig --help' for more information.
> configure: error: libtool configure failed
> configure: error: /usr/local/bin/bash './configure' failed for 
> foreign/gcc/libffi
> -FreeBSD 5.4 p12
> -libtool 1.5.22_2 
> -plt-300-src-unix.tgz
> Thanks for any help/info!
> -DW
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