[plt-scheme] Using threads in Teaching Languages through teachpack

From: Robby Findler (robby at cs.uchicago.edu)
Date: Mon Jun 5 17:27:14 EDT 2006

I've fixed this in the current SVN version, but only the simple fix
where all functions called from threads that aren't the main thread are
considered not called at all. So .. it doesn't crash. I don't see a
simple fix for the multi-thread case, so I'll probably wait until after
the next release before attempting it.

Thanks for letting us know about the bug!


At Mon, 05 Jun 2006 12:02:46 -0700, Wayne Iba wrote:
> I posted this general issue last week but I've narrowed it down just a 
> bit.  I still need your help.  The goal is to give students a teachpack 
> that lets them create threads.  This simple teachpack works fine in 
> "Textual" but fails in "Advanced Student" (v300 and v301).  Here is the 
> teachpack:
> (module exposethread mzscheme
>   (provide thread)
>   )
> and here is the error from evaluating (thread (lambda () (display "show 
> this independently")))
> hash-table-get: expects type <hash-table> as 1st argument, given: false; 
> other arguments were: 'test-coverage-point22886
> Maybe I'm missing something simple?  As I mentioned before, this works 
> fine in v207. Thanks in advance,
> --Wayne Iba
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