[plt-scheme] Can I use the compilation manager for user code in DrScheme?

From: Richard Cobbe (cobbe at ccs.neu.edu)
Date: Sat Jun 3 11:28:24 EDT 2006

I'm working with a number of modules, some of which take a long time to
compile as they've got contracts on lots of structure definitions.
These modules are part of a stand-alone program, not a tool for DrScheme.

I'd like to be able to take advantage of the compilation manager to
avoid having to re-expand these every time I hit execute.  Is there a
way to enable the compilation manager in DrScheme for user code?  I know
about the PLTDRCM environment variable, but that only works for
DrScheme's code, not the user's.

DrScheme 301.14-svn11may2006.



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