[plt-scheme] mzgtk2 - LD_LIBRARY_PATH

From: Hans Oesterholt (hdnews at gawab.com)
Date: Sat Jan 28 05:55:32 EST 2006

Dear All,

I'm trying to do (putenv "LD_LIBRARY_PATH" "/a/b/c")
to set the right linker path for dynamic libraries on Linux
from within mzscheme.

However it doesn't work, because when requiring mzgtk2.
the shared library cannot be found.

When I do

export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/a/b/c
 >(require (lib "mzgtk2.scm" "mzgtk2"))

There are no problems.

But, as part of a bootstrap process while loading mzgtk2,
I would like to set the LD_LIBRARY_PATH env variable

Does anyone have ideas?

Thanks in advance,


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