[plt-scheme] about SICP & PLT scheme

From: arnuld (arnuld3 at gmail.com)
Date: Sat Jan 28 02:01:28 EST 2006

hai everyobody,

                       i am a newbie. i posted a topic 7 -1 0 days ago
 and got lots of responses. that was quite an encouraging thing. after
 studying seriously and carefully all those responses i decided to learn

1.) may you tell me if SICP teaches scheme language  ?

2.) if SICP does not teach scheme but abstractions only, then which
 book for a person who is not a programmer but possesses a knowledge
 scheme from HtDP ("how to design programs" @htdp.org) ?

3.) is there any book for scheme like "Peter Norvig's Paradigms of AI:
 case studies in common lisp" . anything else like case studies or
 something showing a walk-through of the real-life projects in scheme
 (in other words important enough to spend money).

4.) also when i posted my earlier question @ comp.lang.lisp, i got a
response saying "PLT scheme can be used to create Desktop Apps and
hence for Rapid Application Development, in the end you can do some
3-D thing too by using PLT scheme".

was he right? if yes then  what should i do to reach at such high
point of  'creating desktop apps".

thanks in advance


"the great intellectuals"

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