[plt-scheme] newbie's problem regarding ex-11.3.4

From: arnuld (arnuld3 at gmail.com)
Date: Thu Jan 26 04:43:17 EST 2006


  ex-11.3.4 reads:

Exercise 11.3.4.   Develop the function create-prices, which consumes a
natural number and produces a list with a corresponding number of prices
between $.10 and $10.00 with increments of a dime.

i think the it want to have a list in ascending order like this:

(cons 0.10 (cons 0.20 (cons 0.30.........empty)))

but i am getting exactly the opposite list. even after 3 hours of brain-work
i am not able to get the desired result. do you have any idea?

-------------------------------- start of programme
;; A natural number is either:
;;             1. 0, or
;;             2. (add1 n) where n is a natural number

;; create-prices : N -> list
;; to produce a list of prices of n elements with each next elemnt is a dime
more than the previuos.
;; (define (create-prices n)...)

(define (create-prices n)
    [(zero? n)...]
    [else....(create-prices (sub1 n))...]))

(create-prices 0)
;; expected answer

(create-prices 3)
;; expected answer
(cons 0.10 (cons 0.20 (cons 0.30 empty))) |#

(define (create-prices n)
    [(zero? n) empty]
    [else (cons (* n 0.10) (create-prices (sub1 n)))]))

;;(make-list -2 3)

;; i have created a function whch checks for values > 10 and removes them as
we only want between
;; 0.10 and 10.0

(define (remove>10 alon)
    [(empty? alon) empty]
    [(> (first alon) 10.0) (remove>10 (rest alon))]
    [else (cons (first alon) (remove>10 (rest alon)))]))

;; tests
;;(create-prices 0)
;; expected answer

(create-prices 3)
;; expected answer
(cons 0.10 (cons 0.20 (cons 0.30 empty)))

-------------------------------- end of programme

well, this is what i get:
Welcome to DrScheme, version 209.
Language: Beginning Student.
Teachpack: /usr/lib/plt/teachpack/htdp/draw.ss.
(cons 0.3 (cons 0.2 (cons 0.1 empty)))
(cons 0.1 (cons 0.2 (cons 0.3 empty)))

"the great intellectuals"
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