[plt-scheme] Re: unclickable clickbacks in interactions window snips

From: Prabhakar Ragde (plragde at uwaterloo.ca)
Date: Wed Jan 25 14:29:57 EST 2006

Ryan Culpepper wrote:
> I discovered that when an expression evaluates to an editor-snip%
> object in the DrScheme interactions window, DrScheme actually inserts
> the snip into the window. This is wonderful!

Except if you are a first-year student using DrScheme to do an HtDP 
assignment, and you cheat by doing the design recipe after you get your 
function apparently working, copying the result of your "examples" from 
the Interactions window back into a comment in your code, which renders 
your source file no longer a text file [1] and makes it unprintable 
outside DrScheme, causing your TAs endless headaches. --PR

[1] 299 and earlier. In 300 there is a textual representation, which is 
still large (ie an example I did with one number in it expanded to more 
than 450 lines) and unreadable. I have to figure some way of detecting 
these and not printing them in our batch print scripts.

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