[plt-scheme] Images in servlets

From: Glenn Ambrose (glennambrose at hotmail.com)
Date: Wed Jan 25 04:51:39 EST 2006

Hello, I have just started experimenting with writing servlets and am having 
difficulties with getting the servlet to display images.

The following file "first.ss" sits in the path: /servlets/experiments along 
with the photograph NakseongdaePark.JPG .

Displayed on the screen is all the text with an empty frame 5 pixils wide, 
300 by 160.

(require (lib "unitsig.ss")
         (lib "servlet-sig.ss" "web-server"))

(unit/sig () (import servlet^)

(define glissade "glissade. n slide, usually on feet down a slope of ice.")

  `(html (head (title "First Attempt"))
         (body ([bgcolor "black"]
                [text "green"])
               (h1 "Nakseongdae Park")
               (h2 "First Attempt.")
               (p "So this it, we are going to" (b " die!"))
               (p (b "A second line added to the page."))
               (p ,glissade)
               (img [(src "NakseongdaePark.JPG")
                     (width "300") (height "160") (border "5")
                     (alt "Nakseongdae Park.")]))))

Is there any source of information out there that will help me learn. In a 
nutshell, is there an introductary 'How to' out there. The img form I am 
copying from a document I found on the web "page.ss" but I am yet to find 
any documentation that explicitly states how to handle this sort of thing or 
linking, page set out, what tags are covered, what aren't.

If you can steer me in the right direction that will be great.

Also I am wondering, is this the correct forum for beginner questions. I am 
trying to teach myself to program and at times I find I am stuck.


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