[plt-scheme] Using a "loader" extension dll that requires other collections

From: Jeff Ervin (jeffervin at earthlink.net)
Date: Tue Jan 24 00:48:59 EST 2006

Greetings Schemers, this is my first post to this list, though I've been 
reading for several months.
Having read a few Scheme books I feel like I'm ready to start a real 
Scheme project and would like to
build an X3D browser plugin using MzScheme.

As a start I built a small C dll based on a Netscape Gecko sdk example 
with MzScheme embedded.
This dll loads a loader.dll scheme extension dll which contains my 
scheme code. This works except when
I call a function from another collection (such as mzlib) that I have 
required in one of my modules.
I get the error "reference to undeclared identifier" since I have not 
compiled in the required code.

My question is - how do you build a loader.dll that requires other 
collections? Are there pre-built dlls for the
collections that come with PLT Scheme that I can link to or make files 
that will build them. If I have to manually
trace down every required file and every file that those require and 
include them manually in my own make file that will
be tedious.

I'm using version 301 on Windows XP. My aim is to have a C dll that can 
be loaded into Firefox as a plugin which
will load the loader.dll containing my compiled scheme code and have 
this run on a machine that contains only the
mzscheme binary dlls.

Thanks in advance,
Jeff Ervin.

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