[plt-scheme] only 2 simple questions

From: arnuld fraser (arnuld3 at gmail.com)
Date: Fri Jan 20 07:21:20 EST 2006

hello everyone,

               I am writing this email only because i have 2 very simple
questions. After asking my questions i will explain them a little bit so
that your answer can be personalised according to  my purpose,
understanding-level and choices.

Q: should i start SCHEME, LISP (& if LISP then which LISP) or RUBY?

Q; which books (for RUBY i already have the answer)?

1.  presently i am learning through HTDP. i am working at PART-2 for now and
within next 3 months i
     will finish this book. In the "preface" of the book it is very clearley
written :

-- HTDP does not teach "how to programme in scheme" but rather it teaches
students "how to design programmes" hence for this purpose it uses only a
small number of scheme constructs and a dozen or so basic scheme functions.
someone who wishes to use scheme a sa tool will need to read additional

that's ok because i did not pick that book for learning scheme. anyway, from
experience with this book i know that by the time i will finish this book i
will have a good knowledge of scheme language (around 40%).

2. now since i will have a good amount of knowledge of how scheme language
works i will want to
    know whether i should start scheme or LISP or RUBY, if LISP then which
LISP? ( i love LISP &
    RUBY more than SCHEME ) i prefer a language which has greater prectical
orientation & that is the
    one reason i am posting this question since i do not know. 2nd reason is
I am not so good at
    Mathematics. i am Bachelor of Science, so i know more Maths than other
people but still i am not
    so good. On the contray i love to programme & enjoying my time through

3.  3rd reason is i want to start working on software-projects as soon as
possible because my father is
     going to be retired by the end of 2007 hence i need to start earning
before time is over. also
    "professional life" is exactly opposite to "student life" . from
experience as a "salesman" i know that
    student life is 'dream-world', it is not real, it is not intended to be.

4.   i have a friend in England he is coming to INDIA in march month, by
that time i will be on the last
     parts of the HTDP. he asked me if i want to have any more books (that
is how i had HTDP). it saves
     my 'shipment expenses'. that way i can save my money. pretty much for a
jobless person. that is
     why i am posting this question now, rather than wainting to finish

so i sum-up

   1.will go through HTDP hence 40% of scheme languge is done there. (so
will not be a newbie like at


   2. a language which has greater prectical orientation.

   3. not so good at Maths but love to programme.

   4. myself has less time to build mylife. must stand independent by the
end of 2007.

& in the end   -  what books to follow?

i will really appreciate your time if you may spend some.

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