[plt-scheme] Diagrams

From: Rolf Banting (rolf.banting at tecnomen.com)
Date: Wed Jan 18 08:22:05 EST 2006

You all may be interested in Abstract State Machines for specification &
design. Take a peek at

They fit FP pretty naturally but can also be used for other paradigms. The
web site has links to loads of interesting papers.

The inventor, Yuri Gurevich, now works for Big Bad Bill. He has unleashed an
ASM language environment that can be integrated with Dot Net. So you can run
executable specs from MS Word, for example.


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We are in the cross-hairs of a customer who has accepted our original 
flawcharts and mumblage (which I pursued with bewilderment), so for my 
own conscience I would like to complete the project with something that 
is 'right.'  Perhaps I should forget about diagrams and only introduce 
them if necessary.  An "English transliteration ... plus examples" 
ought to be enough for anyone.

The main goal is as N.W. stated: produce documentation for future 
programmers.  Unfortunately I have never experienced literally 
extending a project created by others, so I don't know how to best 
foster further development of my own.

Thanks for all of the advice.


On Jan 16, 2006, at 1:37 PM, Bill Wood wrote:

> Here's a thought -- there must be *some* reason David Gries refers to a
> certain style of diagram as "flAwcharts" (let the flamage begin :-)
> For Richard in particular:  Some years back I worked for an 
> organization
> that was producing a highly secure OS, under DoD contract.  While the
> initial, proof-of-concept project sort of required some
> Nassi-Schneiderman chart mumblage, subsequent revisions and follow-on
> contracts quietly dropped them.  The customer was quite content with
> good design docs + formal top-level specifications + detailed top-level
> specs + formal security policy model.
>  -- Bill Wood
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