[plt-scheme] Diagrams

From: Richard Cleis (rcleis at mac.com)
Date: Mon Jan 16 20:25:59 EST 2006

We are in the cross-hairs of a customer who has accepted our original 
flawcharts and mumblage (which I pursued with bewilderment), so for my 
own conscience I would like to complete the project with something that 
is 'right.'  Perhaps I should forget about diagrams and only introduce 
them if necessary.  An "English transliteration ... plus examples" 
ought to be enough for anyone.

The main goal is as N.W. stated: produce documentation for future 
programmers.  Unfortunately I have never experienced literally 
extending a project created by others, so I don't know how to best 
foster further development of my own.

Thanks for all of the advice.


On Jan 16, 2006, at 1:37 PM, Bill Wood wrote:

> Here's a thought -- there must be *some* reason David Gries refers to a
> certain style of diagram as "flAwcharts" (let the flamage begin :-)
> For Richard in particular:  Some years back I worked for an 
> organization
> that was producing a highly secure OS, under DoD contract.  While the
> initial, proof-of-concept project sort of required some
> Nassi-Schneiderman chart mumblage, subsequent revisions and follow-on
> contracts quietly dropped them.  The customer was quite content with
> good design docs + formal top-level specifications + detailed top-level
> specs + formal security policy model.
>  -- Bill Wood
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