[plt-scheme] module servlets bug?

From: pedro pinto (pedro.e.pinto at gmail.com)
Date: Tue Jan 10 13:18:12 EST 2006

Hi there,

On my XP machine, running v300, the canonical module servlet:

(module a-module-servlet mzscheme
  (provide interface-version timeout start)

  (define interface-version 'v1)

  (define timeout +inf.0)

  ; start : request -> response
  (define (start initial-request)
    `(html (head (title "A Test Page"))
           (body ([bgcolor "white"])
                 (p "This is a simple module servlet.")))))

Causes my web-server to take 100% cpu. Changing the timeout to some large
but not infinitely large number made the problem go away.

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