[plt-scheme] xexprs and sxml

From: John Clements (clements at brinckerhoff.org)
Date: Mon Jan 9 12:55:39 EST 2006

On Jan 8, 2006, at 11:40 PM, Dave Herman wrote:

> The state of PLT Scheme's support for XML is still a little  
> unsatisfying; it's possible to use either xexprs or SXML but  
> certain tools require one or the other. If I want to perform some  
> XML transformations to generate pages for the web-server, it seems  
> awfully uncivilized to use SXSLT to create SXML, then marshall to  
> XML, unmarshall back to xexprs and send to the web-server which  
> will just convert right back to XML.
> Is there a plan to move away from xexprs? That'd be a shame,  
> because I like xexprs. I suppose tools like WebIt! and SXSLT could  
> be made abstract in the data representation, but that might be a  
> little over-engineered. Is it better just to write a SXML->xexpr  
> and xexpr->SXML library?

Given the deeply complex nature of the XML <-> scheme-data  
transformation, I think a direct transformation between xexprs and  
SXML would be vastly preferable.  Furthermore, I think it's pretty  
much trivial.  The only thing to worry about is tools that accept  
xexprs and assume the presence of the modifier-thingy list.  For this  
reason, I think I would design the SXML->xexpr translation to always  
include the modifier-thingy list, even if empty.

Then, you can staple those onto the web server with things like 'send- 
suspend/sxml', and spend more time on research.  No?


P.S.: do you have any way (other than WebIt) to transform SXML into  
XML?  Because I've looked, and couldn't find anything.

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