[plt-scheme] Announce: SQLI/SQLD PLaneT package

From: Matthew Flatt (mflatt at cs.utah.edu)
Date: Fri Jan 6 15:18:08 EST 2006

At Fri, 06 Jan 2006 20:40:42 +0100, Hans Oesterholt-Dijkema wrote:
> I'm already doing 'dynamic-require' (maybe you could take a moment
> and look at the code in sqld-db2.scm).

Isn't the problem in compiling "sqld-db2-internal.scm", which directly
imports "c-sqld-db2.scm"?

> What is 'delayloading'?

Provide "/DELAYLOAD:db2cli.dll" to the linker, and then "db2cli.dll"
won't be loaded (or looked for) until its functions are actually used.
This works as long as all imports from the DLL are functions.


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