[plt-scheme] Quicksort in Scheme

From: Doug Orleans (dougorleans at gmail.com)
Date: Wed Jan 4 15:05:25 EST 2006

Matt Jadud writes:
 > I've always wondered: why does Scheme have cons, but not snoc? A point 
 > of history, a point of practicality, neither, or both?

SRFI 1 has xcons:

  xcons d a -> pair 

    (lambda (d a) (cons a d))

    Of utility only as a value to be conveniently passed to
    higher-order procedures.

      (xcons '(b c) 'a) => (a b c)

    The name stands for "eXchanged CONS."

Is that what you meant by "snoc"?  Or did you mean this:

  car+cdr pair -> [x y] 

    The fundamental pair deconstructor: 

      (lambda (p) (values (car p) (cdr p)))

    This can, of course, be implemented more efficiently by a compiler.

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