[plt-scheme] Can't install manual - permission denied

From: Iain Gray (iaingray at ednet.co.uk)
Date: Sun Jan 1 06:02:45 EST 2006

Hi Gregory,

I am using OS X (10.4.3) and experienced the same problem when trying  
to install the uninstalled manuals in PLT Scheme v300. The problem is  
that the original installer appears as "system" then you are doing  
additional installations as "<username>". My solution is to open the  
folder "collects" in the "PLT Scheme v300" folder and select the  
"doc" folder. Do a "file get info" (command i) on this and open  
"details" in the panel that opens by clicking on the arrow at the  
bottom. This will show "system" as the owner, note the other settings  
for restoring afterwards, then click on the padlock and change the  
owner to  "<username>" and all access privileges to "read & write",  
you'll need your password, finally click on the button "apply to  
enclosed items" at the bottom. ow install the manuals you want.  
Finally restore the settings of the "doc" folder and its enclosed  
files by using command i etc. again.



p.s. the same effect can also be done with sudo chown/chmod from a  
Unix Terminal window.

On 31 Dec 2005, at 19:35, Gregory Woodhouse wrote:

> Okay, I'm at home, running OS X, and just tried to install "Inside  
> PLT Scheme" (I was looking for some insight into boxes and lazy  
> evaluation), but when the help desk tried to install it for me, it  
> first displayed a message saying there was a file permission error,  
> and then later displayed a message saying the manual was  
> successfully installed. The usual thing under OS X is for  
> installers to prompt for a password when they are about to do an  
> install requiring root access.
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