[plt-scheme] Slackware package

From: Kim Gybels (kgybels at infogroep.be)
Date: Fri Feb 10 17:32:44 EST 2006

> >I would just set the prefix to /tmp/package-plt-scheme/usr.
> That's indeed what I normally do if DESTDIR fails to work, but then 
> mzscheme won't run if the package is installed, because it searches for the 
> libraries in /tmp/package-plt/usr.
> What I've done now:
> - Installed with "make prefix=/usr/lib/plt-scheme-301 install"
> - Moved the plt-scheme-301 directory to /tmp/package-plt-scheme/usr/lib
> - Make the package
> Does that seem a reasonable workaround?
Jup, it does :)

Does mzscheme also look for the libraries in /usr if you do the
./configure --prefix=/usr

then manually edit the Makefile
and set the variable prefix to /tmp/package-plt-scheme/usr

On a different issue:
Do you want the package to install everything directly under /usr or
in a directory just for scheme, like /usr/plt-scheme-301.

For the first, I think it is weird to end up with /usr/collects,
/usr/notes, and /usr/teachpack.
For the second, you will need to set up the PATH and MANPATH
variables. (and maybe also INCLUDE and LIB).
For this you could simply place a script in /etc/profile.d.

Maybe we should take it of list, because it is more about slackware
packages then plt scheme in particular :)


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