[plt-scheme] Most recent mzc b0rked on compile-subcollections in infotab

From: Noel Welsh (noelwelsh at yahoo.com)
Date: Fri Feb 3 11:44:55 EST 2006

I've tried to compile PLT Scheme from a recent (yesterday,
I think) svn checkout.  It is currently breaking on the
compile-subcollections statement in the science
collection's info.ss. 

Here's the definition of compile-subcollections in the 301
mzc manual:

compile-subcollections -- a list of sub-collection
sub-paths, where each sub-path is a list of strings; each
full sub-collection path is formed by appending the
sub-path to the path of the collection being compiled. Each
sub-collection is compiled in the same way as the current
collection, using the info.ss library of the
sub-collection. This information is optional.

Here's the value in the info.ss:

(define compile-subcollections
    (list (list "special-functions")
          (list "random-distributions")))

Here's the error message:

build-path: expects type <path, string, 'up, 'same> as 2nd
argument, given: ("special-functions"); other arguments

There is this is compiler-unit.ss in the compiler

(when (compile-subcollections)
                 ;; bug! planet files will do the wrong
thing here
                 (lambda (s)
                   (unless (and (pair? s) (list? s) (andmap
string? s))
                     (error 'compile-collection "bad
sub-collection path: ~a" s))

So perhaps this bug is known and being worked on.


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