[plt-scheme] Small correction on minikanren planet package

From: Danny Yoo (dyoo at hkn.eecs.berkeley.edu)
Date: Wed Dec 27 20:02:38 EST 2006

Hi Dan,

Thanks again for providing the PLaneT package for minikanren.  I'm using 
it with The Reasoned Schemer, and am having fun so far.

Here's one small correction to info.ss:

(module info (lib "infotab.ss" "setup")
   (define name "minikanren")
   (define blurb
     '("An implementation of miniKanren, an embedding of logic programming 
into Scheme. This is the miniKanren that was presented at the 2006 Scheme 
Workshop in September, 2006."))
   (define categories '(misc))
   (define can-be-loaded-with 'all)
   (define doc.txt "doc.txt")
   (define homepage "http://scheme2006.cs.uchicago.edu/12-byrd.pdf")
   (define primary-file "minikanren.ss"))

The only change I've made is to add the 'name' field; according to the 
PLaneT documentation, adding the 'name' field allows PLaneT to compile it 
and make the documentation available through Help Desk.  I'm not quite 
sure why omiting it keeps it out of Help Desk, but that's a problem I saw 
with the package.

By the way, I see that "succeed" and "fail" are not defined in the PLaneT 
package.  I've been able to get around this by just doing:

    (define succeed (== #t #t))
    (define fail (=== #t #f))

as in the non-PLaneT version of minikanren.  Just wanted to check with 
you: would it be possible to add succeed and fail to later version of the 
PLaneT package, or is it just to keep things as minimal as possible?

I hope this helps!

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