[plt-scheme] consing returned vectors

From: Chongkai Zhu (czhu at cs.utah.edu)
Date: Sun Dec 24 10:08:05 EST 2006

As I test on v360/Windows, no matter how I set it, DrScheme always
shows shared structure. So it seems to be a bug to me.


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>> You're not seeing a vector represention on screen.  Rather, you're 
>> seeing the "shared structure".  See:
>> http://download.plt-scheme.org/doc/360/html/mzscheme/mzscheme-Z-H-11.html#node_sec_11.2.5.1
>> for more details.
> Just wanted to add: "Showing sharing in values" isn't enabled by default. 
> At least, it shouldn't be.  Let's double check this.
>>From DrScheme, if you go into the "Language" menu, and then into "Choose 
> Language...", and then if you press the "Show Details" button on the 
> bottom of the dialog box, then you should see a checkbox there with the 
> label: "Show sharing in values".  Is it checked or unchecked?
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