[plt-scheme] Re: Can't use DivaScheme with 369.1 was [Re: Who is using DivaScheme?]

From: Kyle Smith (airfoil at bellsouth.net)
Date: Tue Dec 19 09:19:38 EST 2006

Danny Yoo <dyoo at ...> writes:

> But if the waiting is unbearable, here's a prerelease PLaneT file that you 
> can install manually:
>      http://hashcollision.org/tmp/divascheme.plt
> You can install this by doing the following at your command line:
>     $ planet -i divascheme divascheme.plt 2 0 divascheme.plt
> Thanks for your patience!

Danny, your the man!

I appreciate the prerelease very much.  I've been using it ever since you 
released it yesterday, with no bugs to report.  Of course, I don't know the 
new features you may have added, so I can't speak to those; but I'm more than 
happy to wait for the standard release to find out.  It's just very cool to 
have DivaScheme back.  You truely don't even notice how much you use it until 
the keystrokes no longer work, and then you realize how helpful it actually 
is.  Great job!


airfoil at bellsouth dot net

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