[plt-scheme] Open GL tutorial for DrScheme

From: Dave Griffiths (dave at pawfal.org)
Date: Mon Dec 4 11:42:38 EST 2006

> (Please do not expect a full tutorial on how to write a game
> under DrScheme in OpenGL.)

fwiw, I'm working on porting fluxus to plt scheme:
Which is a game engine (sort of). It won't be the same as doing low level
OpenGL, as it's aimed to be a little higher level than that, but you can
create primitive shapes, move them around, deform them, add textures and
hardware shaders etc.

It's early days, but I'm hoping to get it to run inside an OpenGL context
in MrEd, so it can be used inside the DrScheme environment as well as it's
own application.



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