[plt-scheme] Debugging Multiple Modules

From: Gregory Cooper (greg at cs.brown.edu)
Date: Mon Aug 28 23:10:39 EDT 2006


Unfortunately (as you've noticed), the Debug button does not support
debugging across multiple files.  This is a feature that I really wish
could be implemented without extensive effort, but I'm not aware of
any natural way to do so.  In particular, while it would be nice to
just have a separate tab for each file and make the debugger follow
the control flow across tabs, this would conflict with the design of
DrScheme, where each tab has its own private evaluation
thread/execution session.  (E.g., what if you're debugging one file
already, then start debugging another file that requires the first
file?)  If I can't use DrScheme's built-in support for managing
multiple files, I'd have to write my own, which I suspect would
involve a fair bit of work...

It's possible, though, that I'm just being dense about this, and
perhaps Robby can suggest a technique that would make it relatively


On 8/28/06, Filled Void <filledvoid at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> My project now consists of around 5 modules each defined in a separate
> file and requiring other modules as necessary.  I define my modules as:
> (module my_project_module mzscheme
> ...
> )
> and use it with:
> (require "my_project_module.scm")
> My problem is that I can't seem to debug dependency modules using
> DrScheme.  In other words, I start debugging the top-level module, but
> then DrScheme doesn't seem to trace down through the functions defined in
> other modules.  If they are all defined in one file, then it works, but
> the project is large enough that that is very tedious.  I'm using the
> Pretty Big language, although I've briefly tried a few of the others
> (including module...).
> Thanks for any help!
> fv
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