[plt-scheme] alternative web server?

From: Benderjg2 at aol.com (Benderjg2 at aol.com)
Date: Sat Aug 26 22:52:38 EDT 2006

In a message dated 8/23/06 12:49:28 PM, beza1e1 at web.de writes:
> My statement about stability and maturity was based solely on the fact
> that only two sites (Continue and Untyped) use PLT. Are there more
> already? This is no good indicator for stability and maturity, though.
> Sorry.
This remark makes me regret not having some sort of "Powered by PLT" icon 
on my web sites. I have been using the PLT web server to host the 
sites for almost five years now. Lit19.com and one of the largest collections
of Christina Rossetti's poetry are hosted under the PLT web server as well.
This fall, I will be launching a year-long exhibit of Alphonse Mucha's art 
will also use the PLT web server.

I'd be the first to admit that these are _not_ 'showcase' examples of the use 

of the PLT web server, but these are, I think, examples that suggest that 
are other non-continution-app web sites out there which use the PLT web 
For me, even though I don't do more serious apps that would require 
it is a big value to me to able to generate the dynamic content on my sites 
the same language (MzScheme + WebIt!) that is used to generate the static 

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