[plt-scheme] alternative web server?

From: Danny Yoo (dyoo at hkn.eecs.berkeley.edu)
Date: Wed Aug 23 15:12:57 EDT 2006

> What i want to do is a blog engine. The current way how plugins are 
> handled and especially interact in other engines is dissatisfying. A 
> plugin may have to change the templates or hook into the url dispatcher 
> somehow.

Hi Andreas,

That's a problem that could probably be handled indepdently of the 
specific web server.  You might as well start on top of the PLT web server 
first, and just steer clear of the continuation features.

> And how can other plugins be built on top reusing the infrastructure. 
> I've done a prototype in Python already, but i'm interested in learning 
> Scheme.

For some ideas, you may want to look at DrScheme's design; it is 
interesting because the extension mechanism is built on top of mixins. 
Concretely, if we wanted to add new functionality to the main program 
frame window, we can plug into DrScheme's frame class by using 


This function lets us inject our own subclass of the frame class to add 
that functionality.  There's a good paper on the general idea here:


I wonder if the same extension mechanism could be used toward the kind of 
extensible web applications you've been touching on.

Good luck to you!

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