[plt-scheme] Embedding MzScheme in Java

From: Randal Walser (randal-walser at comcast.net)
Date: Wed Aug 9 14:13:34 EDT 2006

>That looks right for as far as you're getting. (There could be a
>problem when scheme_basic_env() returns, because there's no guarantee
>that `dummy' is deeper in the stack than `e'.)

OK, I'll keep that in mind.

>I tried embedding MzScheme in a little Windows app --- even starting it
>in a thread other than the main thread --- and scheme_basic_env()
>worked. So, I think I'm probably missing something about the
>environment provided by the JVM.

Thanks so much for doing that Matthew.  Actually I've run MzScheme in
Windows apps quite a lot, starting from version 203, and I've also
plugged lots of dlls into MzScheme, never with any problem (nor under
Linux).  MzScheme is one of the best kept "secrets" on the planet, BTW -
really great stuff, and I could never thank you and your colleagues
enough for it.

Anyway, yes, it's looking like my immediate problem has to do with the
JVM environment.  Apparently I'm missing something myself, and will
have to dig deeper.  Just as a sanity check: to your knowledge, has
anyone ever successfully embedded MzScheme in Sun's HotSpot JVM
environment?  Or any Java environment for that matter?

>One more thought: You mentioned that you re-build the DLLs with /MD.
>But are you otherwise using the DLLs that we include in a distribution,
>or are you building yourself?

I've tried both, with the same result.  To be sure, I just now tried
again with the dlls in the mz-352-bin-i386-win32 distribution ...
same problem.


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