[plt-scheme] Embedding MzScheme in Java

From: Randal Walser (randal-walser at comcast.net)
Date: Tue Aug 8 18:02:17 EDT 2006

Thanks for the quick reply :)

>Setting the C stack base is most likely the problem. The call to
>scheme_handle_stack_overflow means that MzScheme thinks its running out
>of stack space.
>I think scheme_set_stack_base() will be necessary, but how do you
>manage to get the stack base within JNI? In other words, maybe you can
>show the calls to scheme_set_stack_base() and scheme-basic_env().

Like so, following your example in Inside MzScheme:

Java_test_init_mzscheme(JNIEnv* env, jobject obj) {

    int dummy;
    Scheme_Env* e;

    // scheme_set_stack_base(NULL,1);

    e = scheme_basic_env();



I've tried various permutations of scheme_set_stack_base arguments, as
I mentioned earlier.  I also tried setting the JVM thread stack to be
ridiculously large, but MzScheme still detects a stack overflow.  Hmmm ...
at first I thought the problem might have to do with garbage
collection, but the stack overflow exception happens early on, before
the GC kicks in (or so it appears to me).  Am I overlooking anything in
the code leading up to the scheme_basic_env call?

>I think special support for /MD isn't necessary anymore, and I dropped
>it in the latest upgrade of the GC. I will check into whether it's
>needed after all (and clean up the docs if it isn't). My guess is that
>this isn't the problem in your application, though.

For now I'm limiting my focus to the /MT case.  I'll need to link to
the multi threaded dll runtime later, but I'm sure you're right. I'll
have to figure out what's going on with stack size in either case.


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