[plt-scheme] Version Check

From: scheme at josho.org (scheme at josho.org)
Date: Sat Apr 29 19:46:40 EDT 2006

I've been watching this discussion without chiming in.  I am only a recent
subscriber to this list, so I don't want to be too forward, but I thought
it might be useful to share my thoughts as a several-year PLT-Scheme user
(met drscheme in college):

>From my security industry background, I know that many organizations have
more stringent policies than most people's personal preferences --
especially thinking of government agencies here.  I know that most of
those who traffic this list find themselves in educational networks, so it
may be important to remember that many other organizations are much more

Furthermore, I believe that I saw earlier in this thread that the root
problem is people with older versions asking for support -- making the
software automatically check for updates will not solve this problem. 
People will still manage, somehow, to have old versions.  They may disable
the checks, they may ignore the notices, etc.  But there will still be a
need to repeatedly tell people that they need to get the new version and
old ones aren't supported -- it's the cost of supporting a growing
user-base, eh?

You can put me down as a
"pop-up-the-box-with-option-checked-at-first-start" vote.  I won't stop
using the PLT suite if you turn it on by default, but if I had my
preference, I'd rather not have to remember to disable it everytime I
install it somewhere.

-Josh Stone-

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