[plt-scheme] 301.13

From: Neil Van Dyke (neil at neilvandyke.org)
Date: Sat Apr 22 23:17:19 EDT 2006

> MzScheme and MrEd are now version 301.13 in the SVN repository trunk.

Thanks; I like the direction this is going.

> Starting with 301.13, however, MzScheme and MrEd no longer recognize
> the PLTHOME environment variable. The (relative) path to the main

External build tools and dumb editors (e.g., Emacs with Quack) will want
to know the equivalent of "PLTHOME" or the default for "PLTCOLLECTS".
Could you document a shell command that'll print the directory/ies to

> Soon, we'll add tools for putting a copy of shared libraries with a
> set of generated executables, so that the resulting package is truly
> "stand-alone".

Will this stand-alone packaging also include copies of any packages
required from PLaneT?


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