[plt-scheme] support for sound or interfaces to sound software

From: Paul C. Fisher (pfisher at mobeard.org)
Date: Wed Apr 19 07:16:49 EDT 2006

There was a bit of a discussion which I instigated about 2 months ago on
this topic. 

(see thread: OS X CoreMIDI and DrScheme from 2/28/06)

There really isn't any kind of direct access to CoreMIDI or CoreAudio. My
primary interest was in finding a way to integrate the algorithmic
composition support in the freeware program Impromptu. Impromptu has an
embedded Scheme interpreter (Impromptu itself is a C program I believe). 

There are some number of tools out there which provide sound integration
with LISP/Scheme (perhaps you already know all of these) but at the moment
there is nothing which really integrates into DrScheme. Since I teach a
TeachScheme based high school course and courses in musical physics and
computer music I have a strong interest in pursuing something ... someday
... when I carve out some time ...

Tools of interest perhaps:

Impromptu: http://impromptu.moso.com.au/manual.html
Common Music (and CLM): http://commonmusic.sourceforge.net/doc/install.html
Nyquist: http://www.cs.cmu.edu/~rbd/doc/nyquist/
AC Toolbox: http://www.koncon.nl/ACToolbox/

Chongkai Zhu <u0476504 at utah.edu> on Wednesday, April 19, 2006 at 12:12 AM
-0500 wrote:
>I would also like PLT-Scheme to have such ability.
>Chongkai Zhu  
>======= At 2006-04-18, 20:39:04 Lee Spector wrote: =======
>>I'm looking for ways to use DrScheme for sound/music applications in  
>>the context of a course I will be teaching in Fall 2006. One option  
>>would be to use a textual intermediary -- e.g. have student programs  
>>produce ASCII specifications of note sequences that can be cut/pasted  
>>into sound-producing applications written in other languages. I've  
>>done this before when teaching in Lisp and C, and I've had the  
>>students cut/paste into applications I've developed using Max or  
>>(long long ago) HyperCard. But it'd be a lot neater if I could get  
>>sound directly from DrScheme (preferably under MacOS X, which will be  
>>my teaching platform) or if I could easily produce MIDI streams or  
>>files from DrScheme.
>>I'm new to DrScheme and apologize if this is a FAQ, but I haven't  
>>seen anything about this in the docs or in the discussion list  
>>archives that I've searched. (There doesn't seem to be an obvious way  
>>to search all of the archives in one shot...).
>>  -Lee
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