[plt-scheme] support for sound or interfaces to sound software

From: Lee Spector (lspector at hampshire.edu)
Date: Tue Apr 18 23:39:04 EDT 2006


I'm looking for ways to use DrScheme for sound/music applications in  
the context of a course I will be teaching in Fall 2006. One option  
would be to use a textual intermediary -- e.g. have student programs  
produce ASCII specifications of note sequences that can be cut/pasted  
into sound-producing applications written in other languages. I've  
done this before when teaching in Lisp and C, and I've had the  
students cut/paste into applications I've developed using Max or  
(long long ago) HyperCard. But it'd be a lot neater if I could get  
sound directly from DrScheme (preferably under MacOS X, which will be  
my teaching platform) or if I could easily produce MIDI streams or  
files from DrScheme.

I'm new to DrScheme and apologize if this is a FAQ, but I haven't  
seen anything about this in the docs or in the discussion list  
archives that I've searched. (There doesn't seem to be an obvious way  
to search all of the archives in one shot...).



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